Wilbur Hot Springs

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Wilbur Hot Springs has been a destination since the 1850s and a sacred healing place for millennia before that. Located in Colusa County, CA, 2.5 hours from San Francisco, this Artistree managed location is the definition of unplug and rejuvenate. Guests experience this off-grid sanctuary to explore the 1500 acre Nature Preserve, immerse themselves in the peacefulness of nature, and soak in the medicinal waters.

Artistree's work includes:

General Management

Staffing remote locations, like Wilbur, present challenges not easily overcome by local staff; however, Artistree's management team is able to up-level what is possible by bringing in support with decades of experience in hiring, training and staff development—allowing Wilbur to function at a level of excellence not normally found at operations located at the end of long narrow roads.

Site includes 25 rooms, 6 campsites, 3 homes

Organizational Change

After transitioning to new ownership, Wilbur hired Artistree to help create a long range vision and organizational model to meet it. This includes the creation of a new leadership team, distributing authority once held by a single owner to a wider group of contributors. This new model matches responsibility with agency and results in greater accountabiity and better results.


Artistree is helping Wilbur's owners create a long range stewardship plan for this beautiful 1800 acre site requires attention to many aspects, including:

  • water stewardship (both springs, creek, water use, and water reuse)
  • relationship building with the indigenous nation that once called it home
  • creating regenerative land practices that protect native grasslands, prevent erosion, and much more
  • navigating the intersection of multiple stakeholders including guests, staff, ownership, large groups who buyout the site, the local community
  • honoring the rich cultural history of the land and its people

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