When you feel
you are living a
constantly connected,
stressed life

Experience Artistree
where the ultimate luxury
is slowing down and recalibrating
to the natural rhythm of life

We create truly unique experiences 

You will stay in pristine places completely immersed in nature, embraced by the community, wrapped in a locally crafted wool blanket, and gazing up at the un-obscured stars.  Places that inspire your most creative self, ground you in a deep sense of place, and nurture your well-being.

Hospitality redefined responsibly


Artistree is leading a new business model that is grounded in for-profit conservation–stewarding, conserving and sharing great places. We build with intense sensitivity to the natural beauty already present. We add only what’s necessary for you to experience nature in a brand new way while contributing to its vitality.


Creating mutually beneficial relationships with the local community is elemental to Artistree’s business.  During your stay, you come to know the richness of the people, place, and history of each destination.


At Artistree, we invite you to dive deep into those rare moments when your hurried mind slows, creativity emerges, and joy abounds. When you visit, you feel time expand and you help us steward amazing places across time for future generations.

Artistree Hospitality has a fresh perspective

Our Business Model

Is made up of a whole ecosystem that includes holistic capital, land stewardship, regenerative development and partnerships at all levels.

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Our Customer Experience

Is nature-based in unique accommodations where guests find nourishment, well-being and a true sense of place within a local community.

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