One amazing team

The Artistree management team is a remarkable group of energetic human beings who have more than 35 years in the traditional hospitality industry, 10 years in land development, conservation, and green design, and 60 years managing bottom lines and brands.

We are more than a development or hospitality management company, we are stewards of place—reconnecting humans to nature and doing so in partnership with our planet. Each Artistree project is a vehicle to protect, share, and plant forests. With current revenues of over $4 million annually and projects near Austin, L.A., Missoula, and San Francisco, we are expanding rapidly and looking for aligned team members to be part of creating a movement for sustainable living, working, and playing. We are a group of people guided by these core values:

Passionate about creating a new model of travel that cares for our planet.

Asserting that nature is medicine for the technological era

Exceeding “leave no trace” by practicing regenerative designs, builds, and operations

Practicing Reciprocity at all levels: with our clients, our locations, and our team.

Serving as stewards of nature and community through actively participating as a positive partner to both.

CEO and Founder

Will Beilharz

Will Beilharz is a regenerative designer and builder with 12 years’ experience in biomimicry, ecological land development, and hospitality design. Will master plans developments and designs spaces that create vitality both for the people using them and the land the buildings they occupy. He is passionate about nature and getting people outdoors in new and meaningful ways.  He specializes in green architecture, and unique designs. He incorporates his passion for sustainability and regeneration into all aspects of his life, building enchanting structures that enrich the lives of those who use them. Will has received awards from International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and his company won the Hospitality Design 2016 awards for Best in Show, Best in Sustainability, and Best in Lifestyle.

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Amy Beilharz

Amy Beilharz  is a successful serial entrepreneur and Harvard MBA with almost 20 years’ experience in eco-tourism and overnight treehouse accommodations. She has helped launch new industries from cell phones to zip lines. Amy brings to Artistree a love for nature and strong leadership experience creating new businesses. She is passionate about creating new models of business based on partnerships that prove creativity and profitability flourish in collaborative environments.

Chief Operations Officer

Greg Hagin

With 25 years in the hospitality industry, Greg Hagin brings experience in hotel, restaurant and spa management to Artistree—specializing in development and operations of boutique hotels. Greg ran the iconic Sea Ranch Inn for Passport Resorts among other projects and has consulted for multiple top Travel & Leisure hotels.

Director of Design

Carson Linforth Bowley


Julian Cohan

Founder of ARC Design

With over 30 years experience in art and design, Julian designs energy efficient homes, furniture, interiors, and landscaping all incorporating permaculture principals. The cornerstone of his practice is to increase growth in communities by using local artisans and resources in his projects. Julian is engaged in bringing focus and awareness to living systems and regenerative principles to bring social, economic, and ecological value to every project.

Joe Yelderman

Professor of Geology & Hydrology, Baylor University

Joe is a hydrogeologist with over 40 years of experience. He is a member of the Geological Society of America and the National Groundwater Association. He currently serves as the Director of the Institute of Ecological, Earth and Environmental Sciences and as Director of the Baylor Wastewater Research Program. Joe has international experience with projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Uganda. His passion is finding creative solutions to water management problems using natural processes.

Ray Lucchesi


Ray is a Principal at Regenesis Group and the Founder of renovusCollaborative, whose purpose is to collaborate with people, organizations, and communities through integrated planning and design processes resulting in transformative outcomes that increase the value of human and ecological systems. With over 35 years experience in the built environment, Ray has worked on projects from the Las Vegas Springs Preserve to founding the Las Vegas School of Architecture.

Daniel Claussen

A change-making pragmatist,  he has been involved in a variety of place-based land projects. including the acquisition of Fly Ranch: a 3,800-acre  year-round home for the Burning Man community. Previously, Daniel helped development projects such as Post Ranch Inn, Wilbur Hot Springs, and Hearst San Simeon State Park. He holds an MBA in finance and sustainability from the University of Denver and a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.

Nic Rotundo

Nico has worked for the past 18 years blending the ecological and technological elements of restoration, conservation & agriculture. He applies a holistic approach that does not separate people from the systems we interact with. He has experience in technological systems in software and hardware, as well as power and cultivation systems in controlled environment agriculture. From scaled agroforestry to ecosystem restoration he has contributed and collaborated in holistic design and implementation that values humans as integral to lasting change.  Nic has worked in 16 countries on over 50 different land bases as a core steward in whole systems thinking.

Josiah Cain

Director of Innovation – Sherwood Design Engineers

Execution of a wide variety of ecological design applications, including food systems, green roofs, living walls, rainwater harvesting, greywater, blackwater, biofiltration and habitat restoration…for a variety of clients including civic, institutional, commercial, and residential…at a variety of scales including chicken coops, landscape design, organic farm master planning, campus, high rise, mixed use redevelopment, and district infrastructure.

Craig Anderson

ED, Land Paths

Craig is Executive Director of LandPaths, a conservation group creating ways for people to experience beauty, understand the value, and assist in healing the land in their local communities. He has previously worked for the Nature Conservancy, the Yosemite Institute, and has an M.S. in ecology from Cal. Craigs sits on the Steering Committee of the Bay Area Open Space Council and is dedicated to public engagement with conserved lands.