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A new view on business

Artistree believes that all businesses have an opportunity to be a force for social good while still making market returns for our investors. The investments we make beyond profit create resilient businesses and thriving communities.

holistic capital

Compounding value through generosity

Focusing on four categories of capital – human, natural, financial, and cultural – is how Artistree creates value.

We are proving that tending to these core principles does not force choice between profits or doing good; but rather helps our businesses thrive by becoming both highly profitable and contributing to the well-being of the planet—locally and globally

We partner with investors who want to make a difference while earning high returns.

Human Capital -  transparency, integrity, and respect in collaboration with our employees, guests, investors, and our local community–because in the end, we are really just one team.

Natural Capital - working with nature — not against it,  We steward the land by modelling sustainability systems and co-creating with nature to reframe the way we think about building–utilizing alternative energy, low-impact construction, recycling, up-cycling, efficient waste management, and much more.

Social Capital -  impact investing that is profitable, local, and sustainable.  The past ethos of for-profit companies making money and non-profits doing good must give way to extremely profitable companies doing exceptionally good things.

Cultural Capital - curating a new brand of hospitality that works symbiotically with local communities, we utilize local design, construction, and operations. This means hiring local, buying local, helping sustain local affordable housing, and ensuring that our tourism footprint is small enough not to overrun the community we wish to enliven.

land stewardship

Stewarding for future generations

This is a pivotal moment. Artistree is dedicated to ensuring  future generations look back and see humans making choices that support a thriving planet—for humans as part of nature, not separate from it.

Our paradigm changes land stewardship from simple protection to lightly sharing the land with the public as an ongoing source of funds for restoration and long-term stewardship that also gives visitors access to pristine places which foster a love and appreciation for nature and, in turn, creates a ripple effect for preserving those great places.

Conventional conservation requires donor-funded land purchases and ongoing charitable funding to maintain and steward.  Most of this land is closed to the public. Artistree is engaged in interactive land stewardship where we create a reciprocal cycle between visitors and conservation projects.

Restoring native habitats, creating wildlife corridors, and mitigating invasive species–all promoting biodiversity, are just a few of the ways Artistree feels called to stewardship. We look at water resource management as watershed management. Projects like erosion control and water retention are designed not just for their effect on our parcels and also with a view to how it affects the people and ecosystems downstream.

Artistree is deeply committed to ecology education, helping build appreciation for nature and our human partnership with the land.

regenerative development

"What kind of ancestors do we choose to be?"

Artistree looks past sustainability to regenerative systems because sustaining is no longer enough. We ensure our designs respect the land and the planet, before hammering the first nail.

An Artistree location is a living, breathing ecosystem.  We recognize the complexity of weaving land, people and time. How we develop our locations–our land choices, building designs, and operations–are evaluated by their impact on what our children’s children’s children will find when they arrive at an Artistree site in their lifetime. We are committed to a 7-generation development plan.

Our sites go beyond “doing no harm,” but rather our built environments become models for future solutions. This requires that we study the land, weather, and history of a place before drawing designs or starting to build. Listening to what each place needs in order to thrive long into the future helps instruct Artistree designs and operations.

We are modelling new ways to develop hospitality by constantly evaluating the best practices in energy, water use, waste management, and materials. Artistree is privileged to work with counties, states, and local authorities to create demonstration sites that foster ecological, cultural and financial richness.

Our living systems approach to development means we see nature, not as a commodity to use, but as a relationship to foster.


Leading a culture of collaboration

Artistree's success grows exponentially from collaboration, rather than from competition. Our team includes those of us working at Artistree–including our investors and advisors–and also the local community, government bodies, land trusts and more.  

Employees - We realize that the people who greet you warmly when you arrive, refresh your lodging, prepare nourishing meals, or quietly fix your light are the people who make your time at an Artistree location truly amazing.  It is a team effort.

Local Communities - Every aspect of an Artistree location will be driven by a local spirit. Our spa will have products made from local ingredients and our restaurant will use the seasonal menus from local farms. You can feel the authenticity that abounds when the people you meet have roots where you are visiting.  

Regional Governments - Artistree forms partnerships with local and regional governing agencies to ensure our destinations become demonstrations of what we can do together.

Land Conservancies - Each Artistree location is chosen first and foremost because of its natural beauty–places that bring you to a state of awe.  Accepting deep responsibility to steward these treasured lands, we partners with local land trusts to create wild lands that will be shared for generations to come.

We create placed-based experiences for our guests, help local economies, and create long-term vitality.

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