Cypress Valley

Lodging Event Center

Cypress Valley is a boutique hospitality location featuring 5 Artistree treehouses in the Texas Hill Country—just west of Austin. Guests have enjoyed this private sanctuary since 2005 for romantic weekends, honeymoons, and personal get-aways, as well as family reunions. Nature provides the  backdrop to the Cypress Valley Event Center, with its suspended platform in ancient cypress trees, creekside amphitheater and large pavilion space. Cypress Valley hosts music events, yoga retreats, meetings and magical weddings. 

Artistree's work includes:

General Management

Supporting this small team to create a seamless guest experience from the time a customer visits Cypress Valley's website, to guest inquiries, arrival, and follow-up after each visit. Artistree helps streamline back of house operations so the staff are fully available to ensure guests have a truly memorable stay. Artistree’s management and back office support has empowered the staff to improve the guest experience, adding important service touches and gaining a more strategic business perspective. 

Site includes: 5 treehouses, 7 glamping tents, 6 bedroom Ranch House, event venue, activity center and retail space.

Revenue Management

Our work at Cypress Valley includes financial stabilization post-COVID by:

  • Adding 7 glamping tents for increased lodging to this highly sought after location,
  • Increasing channels for revenue acquisition, and
  • Adding social media management

Land Stewardship

Cypress Valley has a long history of land stewardship and Artistree continues to manage Cypress Valley with efforts towards:

  • riparian restoration
  • watershed management
  • invasive plant removal

Developing Local Partnerships

Artistree has been expanding local partnerships and increasing the use of Cypress Valley as not just a destination venue but also a local hub for music events and fund raisers.

  • Partnering with and supporting local conservation organizations who are committed, like Artistree, to a sustainable future for the Texas Hill Country.
  • Opening the venue to local musicians; an Austin staple, giving musicians a venue and audience to launch careers.
  • Bringing event industry professionals together in quarterly Cypress Connect gatherings where event planners get to experience and taste local vendors they can recommend to their cliens

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