Artistree looks past sustainability to regenerative systems because sustaining is no longer enough.

An Artistree location is a living, breathing ecosystem.  We recognize the complexity of weaving land, people and time. How we develop our locations–our land choices, building designs, and operations–are evaluated by their impact on what our children’s children’s children will find when they arrive at an Artistree site in their lifetime. We are committed to a 7-generation development plan.

Our sites go beyond “doing no harm,” but rather our built environments become models for future solutions. This requires that we study the land, weather, and history of a place before drawing designs or starting to build. Listening to what each place needs in order to thrive long into the future helps instruct Artistree designs and operations.

We are modelling new ways to develop hospitality by constantly evaluating the best practices in energy, water use, waste management, and materials. Artistree is privileged to work with counties, states, and local authorities to create demonstration sites that foster ecological, cultural and financial richness.

Our living systems approach to development means we see nature, not as a commodity to use, but as a relationship to foster.

We, collectively, just have to be a lot smarter than we have been
up to now.

~ Douglas Tompkins