Artistree believes that success is exponential from collaboration rather than from competition.

Our team includes those of us working at Artistree–including our investors and advisors–and also the local community, government bodies, land trusts and more.  As a team, our efforts can create something much greater than any of our efforts alone.

Because we realize that the people who greet you warmly when you arrive, refresh your lodging, prepare nourishing meals, or quietly fix your light are the people who make your time at Artistree truly amazing, we share profits with employees.  Our collaborative team culture ensures every location is vibrant and authentic.

Artistree searches the world over and curates distinctive locations based on their natural settings and the local people and their culture.

Every aspect of an Artistree location will be driven by a local spirit. Our spa will have products made from local ingredients and our restaurant will use the freshest ingredients from local farms. By exploring opportunities to partner with small businesses or help establish new ones we help local residents thrive, and nurture their creativity and autonomy.

You can feel the authenticity that abounds when the people you meet have roots where you are visiting.  You have a sense of being welcomed into someone’s home–that is Artistree.

Artistree forms partnerships with local and regional governing agencies to ensure our destinations become demonstrations of what we can do when the public and private sectors sit down around a table and work together. This is especially critical now as public funds are becoming more and more scarce.

Each Artistree location is chosen first and foremost because of its natural beauty–places that bring you to a state of awe.  Accepting deep responsibility to steward these treasured lands for the future, Artistree partners with local land trusts and conservancies to create wild lands, open spaces, and magical places that will be shared for generations to come.

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