Generously focusing on four categories of holistic capital – human, natural, financial, and cultural – is how we create value.

Artistree is proving that tending to these core permaculture principles is not a choice between making profits or doing good but rather the best way businesses in the future will thrive–by becoming both highly profitable and contributing to the well-being of the planet, locally and globally.

Artistree works with transparency, integrity, and respect for everyone in collaboration with our employees, guests, investors, and our local community–because in the end, we are really just one team.

Artistree works with nature — not against it, acknowledging that place is not a commodity, but a gift. We steward the land by modelling sustainability systems and co-creating with nature to reframe the way we think about building–utilizing alternative energy, low-impact construction, recycling, upcycling, efficient waste management, and much more to help care for the environment. Each of our locations will be informed by the local environment rather than impose upon it, giving guests a unique, authentic taste of its natural surroundings.

At our core, Artistree is a social business; practicing for-profit conservation is essential. To us, financial capital does not mean how much money can we make, but how can Artistree participate in impact investing that is profitable, local, and sustainable.  The past ethos of for-profit companies making money and non-profits doing good must give way to extremely profitable companies doing exceptionally good things.

Dedicated to curating a new brand of hospitality that works symbiotically with local communities, we utilize local design, construction, and operations. This means hiring local, buying local, helping sustain local affordable housing, and ensuring that our tourism footprint is small enough not to overrun the community we wish to enliven. Every aspect of Artistree is designed to work with, and give back, to the surrounding community, fostering a sense of place and harmony.

Artistree promotes modernity with integrity and focus, without losing sight of culture and traditions. We are creating a worldwide network of intimately local destinations that allow guests to be immersed in nature with world-class comfort in an intensely unique way.

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